Write a letter to yourself on your birthday

Ten years ago I was in my junior year of high school.

Write a letter to yourself on your birthday

As a teenager and young adult, I think did this relatively often. It was a way to process and reflect, even if these letters were more journal entries than true letters. But last spring, I was invited to do just that.

To write a letter to myself. The letter has sat on my desk, tucked into my journal for all these months. Today felt like that time. As I read the message that I wrote — carefully trying to keep my handwriting legible something that I struggle with — I realized it was the perfect way to recognize the passing of one year and beginning of another.

And that this simple act of writing a letter to myself — and reading it when the moment seemed right — was like gifting myself with a bonus dose of everyday wellness.

It almost felt like a love letter — to myself…which sounds strange and fabulous all at the same time.

write a letter to yourself on your birthday

I look forward to not just remembering the message of this note to myself — but also — to writing myself a new letter at the end of the adventure. To commemorate the experience. To raise my awareness and acknowledge all that was and is.

The more I think about it, I realize that this is a lovely way to start or end any new travel adventure or life moment. More than a journal entry the act of thinking of a message to convey — to yourself — is like creating a time capsule of exactly how you are feeling in that singular moment.

But for now, I offer you my letter to myself. In the hope that maybe it inspires you to write yourself a message. Dear Elena, This is your time. Remember that your path is one of strength flowing through your veins, from your head to your toes.

Your strength shows in your movement, your breath, your actions and your words. Use this strength everyday. Be kind to it. Trust that you can lean on it when you need to and believe in it as the foundation for what makes you you.

The path will not always be easy. There will be tears. Disappointment and maybe even heartache. You will need others along the way — even if you think you can go it alone.

A Letter to Myself

Appreciate that your journey is meant to be curvy. You are a mom. None of these individually have the power to define you, but each are a part of you. Treat each role with the respect it deserves but without preference or bias.

Listen to your heart beat. Remember the feeling and be kind to yourself. For every sharp turn in the path, there is a reason. Follow your dreams because will guide you.

Follow your heart because it will protect you. Follow your breath because it knows the way.Sample letter to your friend inviting him to attend your birthday party. Dear Anshul, I am very glad to inform you that my birthday falls on 26 December. Open Letter To My Best Friend On Her Birthday:D.

Dear best friend, Since I couldn’t really DO anything brilliantly special for your birthday this year, I thought I’d write you another letter.

Don’t spend all your time with him and then regret missing out on special moments with your friends and family. You won’t get these years back, so don’t spend them wishing for the future.

A Love Letter To My Oldest Son

Call your cousins. Even if they don’t respond to you, let them know you care. You can’t wait your whole life for others to reach out to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (a letter to myself) Dear Lalaina, It’s been 22 years now that you’ve been alive.

Expressing Gratitude

This was a long bumpy road. We’ve had some ups and unfortunately quite a few downs. Throughout those years you’ve . Whether you are on a church staff or volunteering to bless your church by writing letters, we are sure you can think of many other things you need to do.

We hope you recognize the tremendous value of staying in touch with your people! When you sit down to write out your birthday wishes, it can quickly become difficult to think of what to say.

The best way to start is to think about just what the birthday celebrant means to you.

write a letter to yourself on your birthday

A loved one's birthday can be the perfect occasion on which to celebrate those deep emotions you feel every day if you wish for your wishes to have a.

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