Voting awareness essay

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Voting awareness essay

Canada[ edit ] In Canada, criminal law is a federal matter, set out in the Criminal Code. Restrictions can be placed on certain activities following a conviction involving: Weapon prohibitions[ edit ] When a person is convicted of an offence in which the person used a weapon, or threatened to use a weapon, the sentencing court has the power to prohibit the person from possessing a weapon for a certain period of time.

In the case of certain offences, the prohibition on possession is mandatory. For convictions for impaired driving or driving over.

Voting awareness essay

The length of the mandatory driving prohibitions increase with second and subsequent offences. If the convicted person participates in an interlock program, the length of the prohibition may be reduced, but must be at least three months.

Similar mandatory prohibition orders are imposed for offences involving a motor vehicle which cause bodily harm or death and for street racing.

For example, driver licences are issued under provincial law. All provinces will cancel the driver licence of a person convicted of certain driving offences under the Criminal Code.

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Electoral corruption[ edit ] The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that all Canadian citizens have the right to vote in federal and provincial elections. The Supreme Court has held that if a person is convicted of corrupt electoral practices, they can be evicted from the legislature, barred from being nominated for election for a set period, and denied the right to vote for a set period.


These restrictions are acceptable because they are a sanction aimed at the very offence committed by the individual, rather than being a general disenfranchisement. The restrictions are aimed at healing the corrupted electoral process, which itself is a constitutional value, and therefore can be justified for limited periods.

After a conviction, an offender can, in some cases, lose: Felony disenfranchisement Every state with the exception of Maine and Vermont prohibits felons from voting while in prison.

However, the severity of each state's disenfranchisement varies. Sims, the Court ruled that the right to vote is a "fundamental right," establishing a strict scrutiny test.

Voting awareness essay

Further, the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees "equal protection of the laws" to all persons. However, Section 2 of this Amendment allows states to remove voting privileges from anyone who has participated in "rebellion or other crime.

The Civic Participation and Rehabilitation Act, allowing for ex-felons to vote, has been introduced at the beginning of every legislative session sincebut has never made it to the floor of Congress.

Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over centuries?

Two states, Kentucky and Florida Gov.Essay on the Voting Behaviour in India – Elections and voting are an indispensable part of the democratic political system.

One of the major tasks of the political parties is to contest elections. They select such candidates who have greater chances of winning. Candidates who have greater.

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Voter Awareness Essay Sample. The continuing efforts and struggles of people such as Mitta Bullosh and Eddie Mabo serve to raise awareness of issues such as voting and land rights which work toward changing perceptions within society.

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