Three islamic leadership principles theology religion essay

Islam and Muslim bashing has become a lucrative profession.

Three islamic leadership principles theology religion essay

I have enjoyed a much needed break, but I could not fully forget about the blog and a few current events. Many of you have asked me for my reaction to the meeting between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis but at the time I decided not to comment about it.

The time just did not feel right and I was not ready for it. However, during this break my mind naturally returned to spiritual matters and I decided that it was now or never, if I did not tackle the spiritual issues surrounding this meeting, I would never have the time or energy to do that later.

So I wrote the article below. You will see that it does not really focus on this meeting at all, being as it is, just the small tip of a much bigger iceberg.

Three islamic leadership principles theology religion essay

I decided to tackle if not the entire iceberg, then at least a good chunk of it. I hope that at least some of you will find some merit in this. To the others I will just say not to worry. This is probably a one-off exercise and the blog will now return to its normal topics.

Hugs and cheers, The Saker A negative view of Christianity and religion in general We live in a post-Christian society, not only because truly religious Christians are now a small minority, but also because culturally and spiritually our society has almost completely severed any links it once had with the original Christianity of the early Church.

I think that this sentence contains the best overall summary of what Christianity is in the 21st century. What I want to do today, is to express a few negative views about Christianity and about religion in general. What I want to do is to apply the same methodology to the concept of religion in general and to Christianity in particular, and describe what it is not.

What he meant is that different people attend religious services for different reasons — some seek a prayerful interaction with God, others find solace from their suffering while others feel uplifted by the aesthetic beauty of the religious ceremony itself.

Father Lev correctly stated that ideally one ought to experience all of these different levels at the same time because they are complementary and not mutually exclusive. Father Lev was describing what he observed as a cleric of the Orthodox Church in Russia in the s and s and I think that this somewhat limited his view of the matter.

These are the folks who will say that religion plays a positive moral and educational role in society, that a non-religious society will inevitably lose a sense of right and wrong, that high ideals are needed to live a worthy life. You think I am exaggerating?

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Okay, let me give you a simple example: Notice that these people never ask themselves a simple and basic question: These are the same kind of folks who reject Latin Christianity for not allowing divorce or birth control: But the root cause, the core of the historical development of differences between these three groups most definitely originates in the fact that Croats are Latins i.One of the greatest Orthodox theologians of the 20th century, Father Lev Lebedev, used to say that people find three kind of “satisfactions” when they go to church: a spiritual level, an psychological level and an emotional level.

What he meant is that different people attend religious. This is the second instalment of an ABC News and investigation into domestic violence and religion. You can read part one in the series — on domestic violence and Islam — here.. The. Jun 26,  · Recent Campus Watch Articles.

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The Three Abrahamic Religions. The three Abrahamic Religions do have some things in common, such as the belief that there is only one God, but they have some differences too. However, Islamic people all over the world insist that theirs is, indeed, a truly peaceful religion.

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In addition, approximately eighty-three percent of Americans identify as Christians (Langer, ). Mar 28,  · about Leadership in the Islamic Perspective.

Islam, a religion of peace but often misjudged and misunderstood has a very comprehensive concept of leadership that is centered on faith and values according to Allah (God).

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