Thesis on apple pomace

The main objective of the IPCS is to carry out and disseminate evaluations of the effects of chemicals on human health and the quality of the environment. Supporting activities include the development of epidemiological, experimental laboratory, and risk-assessment methods that could produce internationally comparable results, and the development of manpower in the field of toxicology. Other activities carried out by the IPCS include the development of know-how for coping with chemical accidents, coordination of laboratory testing and epidemiological studies, and promotion of research on the mechanisms of the biological action of chemicals.

Thesis on apple pomace

View previous table 7. Results suggested that peach DF concentrate may be not only an excellent DF source but an ingredient in the food industry. ODF and OEO samples stored in vacuum packaging showed the lowest aerobic and lactic acid bacteria counts. The sensory evaluation scores were similar for samples with ODF and OEO, and stored either in air or vacuum packaging.

Orange dietary fibre and oregano essential oil could find a use in the food industry to improve the shelf-life of meat products. The content of fibre in insoluble compounds increased significantly the viscosity and the shear thinning behaviour of the model solutions and ice creams, due to the increase of total solids and the formation of networks comprised of hydrated cellulose and hemicellulose.

The increase of soluble material did not alter significantly the rheology of the samples but limited the freezing point depression and elevated the glass transition temperatures, indicating a potential cryoprotective action. Apple fibre addition greatly increased viscosity and elevated the Tg values, particularly in the presence of proteins.

Results suggested that the potential use of dietary fibres as crystallisation and recrystallisation phenomena controllers in frozen dairy products.

The effects of blanching and hot air drying oC on the drying kinetics and physicochemical properties of dietary fiber powder were first evaluated.

The results showed that blanching had a significant effect on the fiber contents and compositions, water retention and swelling capacities of the fiber powder.

Products from minced pork were prepared with addition of iodised wheat fibre and soy isolate, and iodised table salt for comparison and the effects of thermal processing and storage on changes in iodine content were determined.

It was shown that both alternative carriers limited the iodine changes in meat products compared with iodised table salt. However, wheat fibre was more effective in limiting iodine losses during thermal processing and soy protein during storage of the products.

The greatest effect of the carriers was found in meat products fortified with the less stable KI. Three fibre ingredients gum acacia, inulin or pectin were added to milk prior to addition of rennet. Milk coagulation was monitored using a controlled stress rheometer, NIR transmission sensor and a hot wire sensor.

Gel times and coagulum firming rates were determined from the sensor response characteristics. Gel microstructure was examined using confocal scanning laser microscopy. Ajila and Prasada Rao in this study, carbohydrate composition and bound phenolics in dietary fibre of mango peels were determined.

Total dietary fibre content was in the range of Galactose, glucose and arabinose were the major neutral sugars in insoluble and soluble dietary fibres. Bound polyphenolic and flavonoid contents were in the range of 8.

Gallic, protocatechuic and syringic acids were the bound phenolic acids, and kaempferol and quercetin were the major flavonoids of the peels. Ferulic acid was identified only in dietary fibre of Raspuri peels.

Thus, the studies indicated the presence of significant amount of bound phenolics in dietary fibre, which adds additional health benefits of antioxidant properties of mango peel, which can be used in functional foods.

Studies were also conducted on the physicochemical properties colour, water and oil-holding capacity and rheological behaviour of dietary fibre DF extracted from date flesh.

The following values on a dry matter basis: DM were obtained for fleshes of Deglet-Nour and Allig cultivars, respectively: Insoluble DF, the major fraction of total DF, constituted 9.

Thus, date DF concentrates may not only be an excellent source of DF but an ingredient for the food industry. Also in view of the antioxidant property of pomace, it would play an important role in prevention of diseases. Apple pomace procured from fruit juice industry, contained Water absorption increased significantly from Dough stability decreased and mixing tolerance index increased, indicating weakening of the dough.

Resistance to extension values significantly increased from to BU whereas extensibility values decreased from to 51 mm. Amylograph studies showed decrease in peak viscosity and cold paste viscosity from to BU and to BU respectively.

Its syneresis and microstructure properties were evaluated and compared to those of a stirred yogurt SYC without added YSF.

Thesis on apple pomace

The SYC yogurt exhibited a more compact casein micelle aggregates network than that of the SYYSF yogurt which was more open, relaxed and covered with fibrous structures attributed to the YSF components.

The rheological analysis showed that the SYYSF yogurt had lower storage modulus G and loss modulus G00 values in the linear viscoelastic region than the SYC yogurt, but its flow behavior was characterized by a lower flow index nhigher consistency index kand higher yield stress s0 than the SYC yogurt.

Incorporation of the YSF reduced significantly the syneresis and produced a more acceptable mouthfeel in the SYYSF yogurt in comparison to the SYC yogurt, indicating the viability of the process to obtain a commercial product.

As a result of the work maximum yield of SDF 6. On the other hand the maximum of IDF HP treatments significantly increase Young's Modulus and affect Hencky strain values.PECTIN FROM APPLE POMACE: EXTRACTION, CHARACTERIZATION, AND UTILIZATION IN ENCAPSULATING ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL ACETATE PECTIN FROM APPLE POMACE: EXTRACTION, CHARACTERIZATION, AND UTILIZATION IN ENCAPSULATING α-TOCOPHEROL ACETATE by Lucia Guadalupe Miceli-Garcia A .

Citric acid is the most important organic acid produced in tonnage and is extensively used in food and pharmaceutical industries. It is produced mainly by submerged fermentation using Aspergillus niger or Candida sp.

from different sources of carbohydrates, such as molasses and starch based media. INFLUENCE OF APPLE POMACE AND ITS FRACTIONS ON INTESTINAL TUMOR DEVELOPMENT IN APC MIN/+ MICE By Loan Thi Thanh Cao A THESIS Submitted to Michigan State University.

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1. Introduction Sulphur dioxide, often abbreviated to sulphite or SO 2, has been used in winemaking since Roman is used extensively in modern winemaking, predominantly for its suppression of yeast and bacterial action, and its anti-oxidant properties.

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