The framers and the people essay


The framers and the people essay

Imagine oneself back at the constitutional convention in seventeen eighty-seven. All of the brightest minds and most respected people in one place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the southeast of the state, near New York. Because it is May, and just beginning to be summer, it is hot, and because all the windows are closed in the interest of secrecy, it is stifling as well.

Fifty-five well known thinkers of the age, all white males, have come. Delegates from eleven states are present, New Hampshire not turning up until July, and Rhode Island not at all, thinking to veto the proceedings by their absence. The problem that had caused these proceedings was that the Articles of Confederation, the current system of government was too weak.

As the cons out-weighed the pros, it was clear that something had to be done. The framers decided to create a new government completely.

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The question was; How do we give the government the power it needs while preventing tyranny? This essay will address the many and varied was the constitution guards against tyranny.

The constitution addresses tyranny in four main ways: If states had the power to ignore a federal tax law they did not like, they would deprive the government of revenue.

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Essay title: Framers of the U.S. Constitution Advertisement William Pierce, of Georgia, spoke very little at the Constitutional Convention, but his contributions to what we know of the other delegates to the Convention are invaluable.
The framers and the people essay Framers of the U.
Popular Topics It is important to keep in mind the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, essay bosch hieronymus as the framers and the people essay dissimilar forms of government The US Constitution. Growing spending and debt are the framers and the people essay undermining economic.
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The federal government needs the revenue to repay debts and provide national services. If there was no legislative branch and the President had the power to both make and enforce laws, the President would be the equivalent of a dictator or king. This could easily result in a corrupt form of government, the President acting solely for his own benefit or the benefit of a few others.

This would again mean that the President has almost unlimited power. If New York had a lot more members that Rhode Island in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, the big states would run roughshod over the little states. The little states would then have essentially no voice.

All of these circumstances had to be provided for. Hook Document The constitution prevents tyranny by giving set powers to state and national governments. When the Constitutional Convention was convened James Madison, a delegate from Virginia, had already had a possible form of government.

Framers of the U.S. Constitution - Essay

Called the Virginia Plan, this document was the main arguing point of the convention, and the constitution that resulted is just and edited version of it. In the Virginia Plan, the government had three branches with legislative supremacy, a bi-cameral legislature, proportional representation in both houses, and a federal organization of powers.

Hence a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself. Madison is referring to a federalism, where powers are divided between the Central and state governments.

In the finalized constitution that resulted, the Central government is able to regulate trade, conduct foreign relations, provide an army and navy, declare wars, print and coin money, and set up post offices. The states governments were permitted to set up local governments, hold elections, establish schools, and pass marriage and divorce laws, and regulate in-state businesses.

Framers of the U.S. Constitution - Essay

Both are able to borrow money, set up courts, and make and enforce laws. The delicate balance of distribution of powers prevents either the state or central governments from taking too much control.

The framers and the people essay

While the national government deals with foreign and national domestic relations, the state governments deal with almost all local matters, and they both have a few shared powers, resulting in a comfortable balance.The framers chose federalism for distinct reasons.

It was very important for us to have a stronger national government, the states were to independent and it was destroying the unity. We needed to maintain state sovereignty, the uniqueness of each state was very significant. The Framers and the People "The Framers and the People" by Alfred F.

Young is a piece of literature that explains a side of a debate that was uncommon to hear at the time.

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In this essay, I will try to use my knowledge of the time period and my knowledge of outside . The Federalist Papers essays are academic essays for citation.

The framers and the people essay

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Article Review: The Framers and the People Introduction In “The Framers and the People”, the author Alfred Young examines the particular circumstances that arose from the writing of the Constitution. The.

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