The death of my grandfather essay

Wallenda, born in MagdeburgGermanyinbegan performing with his family at age six. The act moved to the United States inperforming as freelancers. In they developed the unequaled three-tier 7-Man Pyramid. Karl Wallenda had the idea sincebut it took untilwhen he and his brother Hermann developed it and had the right acrobats for it.

The death of my grandfather essay

Wickemeyer registered for the draft in New York City on 23rd Mayand his draft card was subsequently sent on to the Draft Board for the 6th Precinct of Richmond, Indiana, the city of his home address. Census entries of, and ; his marriage record and his WWII draft card. The family home was wrecked in the resultant explosion and both Ezra and the two workers were injured.

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The house, which was located at South Third street in Richmond, Indiana was severely gutted by the explosion, as shown in a surviving photograph of the aftermath. Wickemeyer must have had a good ear for music and head for figures.

Census entry records him as a bookkeeper in a piano The death of my grandfather essay back in Richmond. He married Katherine M. Helmich on 29th September The original ancestor of the company was a small piano factory founded by Alsatian immigrant George M.

Trayser in Indianapolis, Indiana in Trayser subsequently transferred business to Ohio, first Ripley aroundand then Hamilton, in The firm had a convenient working relationship with the St. Louis based Jesse French Co. InLumsden and Gennett began merger negotiations with the Starr brothers, culminating in the formation of the Starr Piano Co.

ByHenry Gennett, along with his sons Harry, Clarence and Fred were running the company, which became a national leader in the piano manufacturing and retail industry.

In fact, history was made several times in this single storey shed, which was witness to the first sounds of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, the Dodds brothers and Bix Beiderbecke to be captured on record.

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He also made seventeen piano solos insixteen of which were released. As chief sound engineer, E. Wickemeyer went to great pains to achieve the correct balance in the sessions he worked on.

When this was achieved, the sessions proceeded, with three masters, or sometimes four, being made for each tune recorded.

The master deemed to be the best was selected and the remainder were usually destroyed, much to the absolute dismay and disgust of modern day collectors. Despite his painstaking adjustments, Ezra Wickemeyer was well regarded by the musicians he recorded.

You had to be pretty patient sitting through all the playbacks. But nobody minded since recording was such a new thing to everybody. Harry Gennett was very angry about this treatment of his chief recording engineer when he heard about the incident, and Wickemeyer subsequently returned.

However, this is very harsh, considering that the Richmond Gennett-Starr studio was a far smaller operation, with less staff, less facilities and less material at its disposal than the New York branch, or the main companies in the business such as Victor or Columbia. Also, the latter two companies secured exclusive contracts with their artists, whereas in Richmond, Gennett were reliant on musicians passing through, or making the long trip from Chicago or elsewhere.

He may also have done some work in the hat industry, as the following appeared in the Classified Ads Wanted section of the The Laurette Manufacturing Company in two issues of The Vidette Messenger in November A profitable, permanent position, all year round.

The death of my grandfather essay

If you are interested and can qualify write E. Wickemeyer, Grove street, Blue Island, Ill. On 21st NovemberWickemeyer and Edward A.

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Patent 1, on 12th May Byaccording to his census entry, Wickemeyer had moved to Chicago and was still working as a recording engineer, but by this time he was in the moving pictures industry.

His nephews recalled that he worked in a firm that produced early colour film, and this work involved testing the equipment outdoors. He also worked for Brunswick for several years. The Wickemeyers moved to Cincinnati shortly afterwards, where Ezra initially worked for Wright Aeronautical until This plant was located on the same site where General Electric stands today.

Wickemeyer subsequently joined The Dracket Company, which was a chemical firm. They later moved to nearby Reading, Ohio and lived over a savings and loan firm owned by relatives, where Ezra worked as a custodian. Wickemeyer, piece goods; 56 Worth Independent Wholesale D.

Wickemeyer died suddenly in August aged 63; and his wife, Katherine, died aged 91 in Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts on 11th July They had no children.The Lamb and the Book (Revelation ) ..

W.M. CLOW. Preface. The title of this third volume in the series of Great Sermons is really what might be thought of as a contradiction, for the death of our Lord is such a profound subject, which carries us into the very counsels of the Triune God, an event that has such a vast universal significance that no sermon on any aspect of the.

Essay about Grandfather’s Love (Grandpa's Love) - My Grandfather’s Love As we neared the house I could see the front yard emerge amidst the hurricane-twisted pines that stood like sentinels guarding a castle. Pulling into the yard, I noticed that the grass looked like one of my great-grandmother's patchwork quilts.

Well I do. My Dad walked in to the backyard when my friend and I were at the time swimming in my cousin’s pool. I looked up at him and looked at the expression on his face and it wasn’t good. He didn’t have like a face that he was very sad or unhappy, but when you looked in his eyes you could tell that something was wrong.

I will never forget that .

The death of my grandfather essay

Essay on A Remarkable Man, My Idol, My Grandfather Words | 4 Pages A Remarkable Man, My Idol, My Grandfather Dr. Benre’s comments: Marty paints a telling portrait of her step-grandfather, but never relies merely on telling the reader.

My President Was Black. A history of the first African American White House—and of what came next. My grandfather’s presence influenced me to not be a shadow of the world, to be hard working, and to be empathetic towards others.

My grandfather greatly influenced me to not be a follower of the world. I remember one Sunday morning, as I sat next to my grandfather on the wooden chair on the front porch.

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