Stylus writing app for android phone

By Daniel Golightly April 10,4: For those Android users who are always looking for a high-precision stylus without the hassle of sizing up various rubber nibs, Adonit has now launched a new solution called the Adonit Droid disc stylus.

Stylus writing app for android phone

By Cory McNutt January 27,6: Smartphones, Phablets, and Tablets are everywhere, but if you like to draw on your device, the only way to do it right is to use a stylus - like on the Samsung Note devices that come with their own S-Pen Stylus - or others that allow you to use just about any writing instrument, from a lead pencil to a ball point pen.

It is just common sense that you will have more control over your precision masterpiece, although a few apps do lend themselves to "fingerpainting," if that is what you enjoy. I tried to pick from a variety of applications - fun, coloring book-type to applications that Van Gogh would be proud to use.

What is nice about these programs is that anyone from a rookie to a professional artist can use most of them and achieve some fun results for the beginner to awesome results for the professional. Also be aware that some of these apps require time to learn how to use them properly - if you just want to goof around, then you can get by on little training, but if you are serious about drawing or painting on your device, then expect to put in the time to master the application.

Give them a test drive - all have a free version for you to tryout to see if it is the right one for you, then you can decide if you want to purchase the paid version. Markers Marker is a simple drawing up to have fun with and it's easy to use, but offers pressure-sensitive, multi-touch painting - two fingers, two lines, three fingers, three lines, and so on.

It has a kid-friendly interface so when they grab the edges of the display, their little fingers will not accidentally "paint. Grab it here on Google Play Live Graffiti - draw and play Live Graffiti has the distinction of being the best drawing app on the Russian social network, with 7 million downloads.

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It gets the word "live" in its title for the ability to send your drawing to your friend and they can actually watch you draw your creation from beginning to end.

Pick your delight and either draw or paint and then share. Grab it here on Google Play Abstract paint full version Abstract paint is a drawing application that is designed to let you draw abstract and fractal scenes. There are no particular skills needed for this application - just your imagination and draw away.

Grab it here on Google Play Silk paints drawing Silk paint helps you make amazing lines by simple gestures - like a magic brush. It includes multi-touch navigation and zoom, and allows custom orientation of either portrait or landscape.

This application can be used by kids to adults and needs no internet connection, unless you want to share your creations on the social networks.

stylus writing app for android phone

Grab it here on Google Play Smart Paint Smart Paint is an editing and painting application that allows the user to edit and create pictures, and is packed with features. You can resize the picture by pressing buttons or by using pinch and zoom. You get the use of many different kind of tools, such as a pencil, pen, line, air brush, texture, gradation, bucket, figure, and eraser.

It also has the very powerful layers feature and you can save the picture with its layer structure intact. Grab it here on Google Play DoodleInk DoodleInk is drawing program that allows the user to use ink or color layers to produce high-quality cartoon art to a virtual Matisse.

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It is a newer application, but starting to get great reviews. Grab it here on Google Play Doodledroid - paint and sketch Doodledroid is a full-version program that asks for a donation if you like the application.

This app will work on either a large tablet or a small phone - and will take advantage of pressure sensitivity on devices that support that function. Six tools are available - Brush, Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Eraser, and Smudge and will simulate brush strokes with texture selection.

Features include - Pinch to Pan and Zoom, full color palette, auto-save, import, and the ability to share your creation.Keystroke logging, often referred to as keylogging or keyboard capturing, is the action of recording (logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically covertly, so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being can then be retrieved by the person operating the logging program.

A keylogger can be either software or hardware. Stylus for iPads (and iPhones) isn’t mainstream products like cases or even docks.

But for a few specific niches, an iPad stylus is a very important accessory. Artists, web/print designers, game designers and a host of other people make use of the stylus. Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus (SENSU1)- best capacitive stylus for fine writing, drawing and painting on android tablets If there was ever a stylus from the future, this is it.

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The Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus is first and foremost two tools in one; it is an artist’s brush and a stylus . We share five of the best styluses for Android tablets that are perfect for artists and designers, including the Adonit Jot Pro, the Sensu Artist Brush and more.

OneNote's phone experience pales in comparison to what the app offers on a tablet.

stylus writing app for android phone

This sort of mentality harkens back to Microsoft's original approach to Android app development. Top 5 Smart Journal Apps. December 30, Notability is my go-to note writing app and that could work, but all of my journaling is in Day One (I’ve been using D1 for a few years now). I love journey on my Android phone.

But Now I am using IPhone and the sad thing is Journey isn’t available for iOS. And I have to pay about $5 to.

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