Roumyana pancheva dissertation

Syntax-Semantics Interface Building Adjectival Meaning without Adjectives My dissertation explores a particular class of statives, namely property concepts in generative syntax and model-theoretic semantics in languages which do not have a lexical category of adjectives.

Roumyana pancheva dissertation

Roumyana pancheva dissertation

Roumyana Ivanova Pancheva Izvorski, University of Pennsylvania Abstract This dissertation is a study of the syntax and interpretation of free relatives.

Different types of free relatives are examined and are shown to have distinct syntactic and semantic properties.

[5] Barss, A. Chains and anaphoric dependence. Doctoral dissertation, MIT. [6] Bhatt, R. To appear. Locality in Apparently non-Local Relativization: Correlatives in the . Arunima(Choudhury((2(Choudhury, Arunima (). Prosody and Information Structure: An experimental investigation of Hindi and Bangla, Qualifying paper, University of Southern California Choudhury, Arunima (). ii! Dedication!!!!! To Abboudeh, for the love of unanswered questions, And to Hodhod, for the love of crafting tools To both, for the longing to find answers.

Several grammatical environments are discussed in relation to the involvement of free relatives—comparative clauses, certain existential constructions, and free adjuncts. Corresponding to the DP external syntax, such free relatives have the interpretation of definite DPs.

In the absence of an overt head, no phonologically covert head is posited in free relatives. These headless free relatives fall into two groups. One kind are bare CPs; these are shown to have a propositional interpretation. The free relatives of the other kind have the syntactic category of their wh-word and thus, the corresponding interpretation.

They are derived in a move-and-project fashion, i. Whereas it is usually assumed that after an element moves and merges with the target of movement, it is the target that projects further, here I propose that it is the moved element, the wh-phrase in the free relative, that projects.

Thus it follows that this type of free relative would have the category and features of the wh-element. Free adjuncts are shown to only allow bare CP free relatives.

This restriction correlates with the propositional interpretation required in such an environment. Comparatives permit free relatives with overt heads or free relatives with projecting wh-phrases, with different interpretive results.

The existential construction is expected to exclude all types of free relatives since they have the semantics of strong DPs.

Here, an apparent case of a free relative in the existential construction is given an alternative analysis in terms of an indirect question.Roumyana Pancheva [email protected] (Principal Investigator) Barbara Tomaszewicz (Co-Principal Investigator) Sponsor: University of Southern California University Park .

ii! Dedication!!!!!

Roumyana pancheva dissertation

To Abboudeh, for the love of unanswered questions, And to Hodhod, for the love of crafting tools To both, for the longing to find answers. Roumyana Pancheva.

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Office: GFS Phone: () E-mail: [email protected] I am an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Southern California. I received my Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in From to , I worked as a research associate in the Brain and Language Lab in the Department of.

Igor Kochovski for Macedonian judgments; Roumyana Pancheva and Ljuba Veseli-nova for Bulgarian judgments; and Flavia Adani and Ilaria Frana for Italian judg-ments. Thanks to the Rutgers Graduate School for a final year of dissertation re-search through the Bevier Fellowship, as well as several travel and research grants.

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even more dramatically. None of the ideas developed in my dissertation touches directly upon bilingual acquisition, codeswitching, reduplication, or Optimality Theory. These being said, I would like to make a list of friends and colleagues who have witnessed or helped create my ‘derivational history’ as .

Measuring and comparing individuals and events by Alexis Wellwood, Valentine Hacquard and Roumyana Pancheva.

"Free relatives and related matters" by Roumyana Ivanova Pancheva Izvorski