Physical development essay

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Physical development essay

They grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. However, through this portfolio, I intend to discuss the physical growth and development patterns of the infant through their first year.

Physical development essay

When dealing with the development of a child there are three basic developmental rules. This rule states that babies develop in the head region first, then the trunk, and lastly in the legs and feet.

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Therefore, it is said that babies develop in a head-to-toe direction or cephalocaudally. For example, a baby can hold up their head before they can grasp an object with their hand. Also, they can feed themself before they can walk. The second rule explains that children develop from the midline, or centre of the body, outward toward the fingers and toes.

This stage or rule is the one which affects the development of motor skills. There are two basic classifications of motor skills, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills are those which involve the large muscles. Whereas, fine motor skills are those involving the smaller muscle groups. For example, a child can grasp a big ball in their arms before they can catch a baseball in their hands.

The fine skills of hands and feet are the last to develop.

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Finally, this rule reveals that, as the brain develops, a child responds to more and more sights and sounds in their environment.

Furthermore, they learn to respond to much finer details. I decided to do this to show how the baby grows and develops in each area of their body. Also, you will see how these developing body parts affect the developing motor skills of the child.

The following areas will be discussed, their size and weight, the head, brain, eyes, ears, arms and hands and finally, the legs and feet and the trunk.

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Size and WeightThe average baby is 20 inches long at birth, or However, not all babies are born the same length, generally, lengths vary from The average baby weighs 7. Typically, the range is from 5.

We will write a custom essay sample on Early Adulthood Cognitive Development specifically for you. for Heredity dictates our physical appearances and other biological and physiological characteristics (Louw, Van Ede, and Louw, ). We will write a custom essay sample on Early Adulthood Cognitive Development specifically for you. for. During the period of Childhood there are marked changes taking place in the child both physically and psychologically. 'Some of these changes, ' says Hurlock, 'come from maturation but most come. So, physical development is the process of changing forms and functions of the human body under the influence of life and upbringing conditions. In the narrow sense of the word, physical development means anthropometric measures (height, weight, circumference and volume of the chest, foot size, etc.).

Clearly, this is a very rapid growth rate, however, the rate of growth slows down considerably after infancy. The HeadThe head of a newborn baby is very large compared to the rest of their body. There are four pieces of bone that make up the skull.

These pieces are flexible. This is so that they can move slightly while the baby is being forced down the birth canal. The four skull bones will no join until the baby is about 18 months old. The flexibility of the skull gives the baby protection form concussion caused by bumps or falls.

However, through my research, I found out that you cannot hurt a baby by touching the head gently. EyesBabies are able to see at birth.

Primarily, they notice movement.Online Essay Help; Mental & Physical Development over Lifespan. Tags: ADOLESCENCE Adulthood Infancy and Childhood Mental & Physical Development over Lifespan Prenatal Development. Share this post. Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with Google+ Share with Pinterest Share with LinkedIn.

Most of the development and growth described throughout this project happens as the baby increases in age. Physical maturation cannot be taught to a child. A baby cannot be taught to sit or to stand before muscles develop. Essay early childhood physical development.

Physical development essay

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Feel free to read it to your advantage. Human Development Exam Essay Questions Use Ecological Systems Theory to explain growth or change in 2 of the domains (growth and physical development; health; cognitive development; socioemotional development; moral development; and, the social contexts) of development.

Free Essay: Physical activity enhances children’s quantitative development within middle childhood, supporting growth toward healthy strong people.

Understanding Physical Development in Preschoolers