How to become a straight a

It may be possible for some people in the middle of that continuum who had been pursuing a gay lifestyle to pursue a straight lifestyle. And if that's what they want, then fine. But let's not forget about the much larger number of gay men and women who can't change our sexuality and who would be irreparably harmed by trying to do so.

How to become a straight a

The 14 Steps 1. We admitted that we were powerless over our homosexuality and that our emotional lives were unmanageable. How the hell can you control what you feel?

Powerless, yes, You cant control you Heterosexuality can you? We came to believe the love of God, who forgave us and accepted us in spite of all that we are and have done.

How to become a straight a

God accepted us from the beginning, he made us the way we are, We don't choose to be, and we sure as hell are not developed that way, we are who we are, we can say otherwise, but can never change that fact 3. We learned to see purpose in our suffering, that our failed lives were under God's control, who is able to bring good out of trouble.

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So, Our homosexuality, has brought us suffering? There is no trouble in our lives, the only trouble created is by those who judge, and dont accept Homosexuals for who they are, the ones that believe only "heterosexuals" are "normal" 4. We came to believe that God had already broken the power of homosexuality and that He could therefore restore our true personhood.

God cant break anything, i love him with all my heart, but he cant change what he has created, he made you gay, you are gay, thats that, you can try to believe otherwise, but always, you will have the small pain in you chest, slowly growing and pressing down at you, until it finally, makes you collapse 5.

We came to perceive that we had accepted a lie about ourselves, an illusion that had trapped us in a false identity. Is there no longer no such thing as Homosexuality?

Or, Is the lie, about, people believing they are "homosexuals" when in fact there "not"? No the lie here, is the lie created by this treatment, making them push there selves out, and move in what you want them to be, so that they can in fact be "normal" 6.

We learned to claim our true reality that as humankind, we are part of God's heterosexual creation and that God calls us to rediscover that identity in Him through Jesus Christ, as our faith perceives Him.

How to become a straight a

He created to separate for that sole purpose, to make our decisions, based on what we feel, not because, of the Man and Woman, if in fact, it was for that, Why not create just one, person, one whole body, both Man and Woman?

Could that not be easier? Instead of giving, Human Kind so many other options? We resolved to entrust our lives to our loving God and to live by faith, praising Him for our new unseen identity, confident that it would become visible to us in God's good time.

We all Love god, He is our father, No matter what he makes us go through, we still love him with all our hearts, Faith, By Faith, We hope that soon, others will realize this Idiotic behavior, and stop this Foolishness, Its killing us, And tearing us all apart, when in fact, we are suppose to be together?

No just a lie, Nothing more, But Lies. Visible only to those, who will allow themselves to become blind.Edited compilation of previous contributions: There are several opinions related to the answer of this question.

Some believe that sexual preference is a matter of genetic predisposition. Some. February When we were in junior high school, my friend Rich and I made a map of the school lunch tables according to popularity.

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