Hip hop research paper

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Hip hop research paper

Lisa Bonchek Adams, a year-old mother of three, has lived with cancer for six years and developed a following among others diagnosed with cancer as well as clinicians, journalists and people who simply appreciate her perspectives.

Her tweets and blog posts address topics such as her approach to talking to her kids about her illness, her medical treatments and thoughts about facing the end of life. The Pew Research Center has studied the social life of health information since when we first measured how many people use online resources to find information or connect with others about health conditions.

Clinicians are still the top source of health information in the U. The small group of people who use the internet and other online tools to connect with others are highly engaged. Our research shows that patients and caregivers have critical health information — about themselves, about each other, about treatments — and they want to share what they know to help other people.

Technology helps to surface and organize that knowledge to make it useful for as many people as possible. Some observers may think it is odd, but this online sharing could be the modern version of an age-old instinct to seek solace among peers.

Academic publication is a slow process, however, and the internet is evolving quickly, so there are relatively few studies measuring the effectiveness of social media. However, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other platforms seem uniquely suited to adapt to the changing needs of people living with chronic health conditions, particularly as patients move from the shock of a new diagnosis to long-term management.

This is particularly true for people facing a rare disease diagnosis. A new research paper released earlier this month studied parents of children with rare chronic diseases and found that social media in particular provided an effective support network.

This echoes our own findings and adds to the pile of evidence showing the psychosocial benefits of connecting online. As one mother whose son has Canavan disease wrote in a book about rare-disease caregivers: Inwhen Jacob was born, there was no search engine to offer me any information.

Hip hop research paper

Today, because of social media, we are connected with many people who are fighting the same fight as we are. The internet has made our small disease larger and we are able to educate many more people now.


Smoking cessation is another example of a health intervention that works well when people support each other online.

In the end, this episode illustrates the confluence of two powerful forces: It may not be for everyone, but our research shows that the social life of health information is a durable trend.Hip hop is believed to have been founded by African Americans back in the late 60's and early 70's.

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