Henry van dyke an essay called a parable of immortality

Bobby Burns was a victim of drink largely because of his brilliant imagination and extreme sensitiveness. He was petted by society and praised as the poet of the future; all England was at his feet. Yet he gave way to his passions, took to drink, and ruined the lives of several of his dearest friends, as well as his own.

Henry van dyke an essay called a parable of immortality

Each number was handsomely printed on a sheet and a half of fine paper, at the price of two-pence, and with great typographical accuracy, not above a dozen errors occurring in the whole work; a circumstance the more remarkable, because the copy waa written in haste, as the time urged, and sent to the press without being revised by the author.

When we consider that, in the whole progress of the work, the sum of assistance he received scarcely amounted to five papers, we must wonder at the fertility of a mind engaged during the same period in that stupendous labour, The English Dictionary, and frequently distracted by disease and anguish.

There is not in the annals of literature an instance which can be brought as a parallel to this, if we take every circumstance into the account.

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Other Essayists have had the choice of their days, and their happy hours, for composition; but Dr. Johnson knew no remission, although he very probably would have been glad of it, and yet continued to write with unabated vigor although even this disappointment might be supposed to have often rendered him uneasy, and his natural indolence — not the indolence of will, but of constitution — would in other men have palsied every effort.

Henry van dyke an essay called a parable of immortality

Towards the conclusion, there is so little of that " falling off" visible in some works of the same kind, that it might probably have been extended much further, had the encouragement of the public borne any proportion to its merits.The second of these volumes also contains an essay on "Operative Free-masons," by Thomas Carr, with a list of lodges, and a study of their history, customs, and emblems—especially the Swastika.

Speculative Masons are now said to be joining these Operative Lodges, seeking more light on what are called the Lost Symbols of Masonry.

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Van Dyke's "Essays in Application" () was quoted by Jack London in the dystopian novel "The Iron Heel".


London disliked Van Dyke's ideas, but paid him the compliment of predicting that his writings would still be remembered six hundred years into the future and be cited by a Twenty-Sixth Century writer as "an example of bourgeois thinking".

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Oct 23,  · By Henry Van Dyke ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Ever notice how ships going out to sea appear to get smaller and smaller and eventually disappear from our sight altogether? This is because as something goes away from us, it shrinks on the horizon and in the end, the horizon consumes it and it disappears vetconnexx.com: K.

Henry Van Dyke An Essay Called A Parable Of Immortality