Essay precis writing and comprehension books

The most important part of the Exam is Descriptive Writing Exam which tests your writing skills.

Essay precis writing and comprehension books

Write an essay, in about words, on any one of the four topics given below: Write a precis of each of the following passages A and B in your own words, reducing each to about one-third of its original length and suggesting an appropriate title for it. Write these A and B precis separately on the special precis sheets provided for the purpose, and then carefully fasten these sheets inside the answer book.

Marks may not be awarded if the precis is not written on the special precis sheets provided. A Our society is built with money for mortar: Money gives us food, shelter and privacy; it permits us to be clean in person, opens for us the doors of the theatre, gains us books for study or pleasure, enables us to help others in distress and puts us above necessity so that we can choose the best of life.

If we have scruples, it gives us an opportunity to be honest; if we have any bright designs here, it is what will smooth the way to their accomplishment.

essay precis writing and comprehension books

Penury is the worst slavery and will soon lead to death. But money is only a means; it presupposes a man to use it.

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The rich man can go where he pleases, but perhaps pleases himself nowhere. He can buy a library or visit the whole world, but has neither patience to read nor intelligence to see.

The table may be loaded and the appetite wanting. He may have gained the world and lost himself, and with all his wealth around him in a great house, he may live as blank a life as any tattered scare-crow. Therefore, it is always a sound policy to cultivate an interest than to amass wealth, for the money will soon be spent, or perhaps you may feel no joy in spending it, but interest remains imperishable and ever new.

B Military leaders have frequently been tempted to aspire to political leadership and have frequently succumbed to temptation.

Yet the whole training and experience of the soldier makes him less rather than more fitted to be a politician. The soldier is trained to take action down certain well-defined lines, and has in his hand a military machine which responds immediately and with precision to his touch; the government machine is much less precise and exact than the military, and is not rapid in action even in highly skilled political hands.

The politician is trained in weighing up the conflicting interests of his supporters and usually has to compromise; in war if a commander compromises on essentials, he fails. Furthermore, the time factor forces the commander in the field to adopt the best expedient in time available, which is usually short.

The politician, on the other hand, is seldom forced to give an immediate decision; rather he delays in order to find the right and accurate answer, and he avoids any temporary expedient.

The one has to seize time by the forelock and adopt the best expedient; the other can procrastinate in order to ensure that what he does is absolutely right.

In fact, the qualities required by a soldier and by a politician are almost at opposite poles, and few men in history have possessed both kinds of qualities.

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There have not been many soldiers who have also made good politicians, nor many politicians who have proved to be great soldiers. Study the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow, accurately and precisely: For the public at large, freedom is a valued prize, but for the scientist it represents an indispensable prerequisite for the progress.

Nevertheless, liberty, like any other right, is at once limited and enriched by duty, and the scope of these obligations will be further outlined in the course of the following remark.

Moreover, among the various roles which the scientist can occupy, some may legitimately be allotted a higher status than others. Thus, although one is seldom confronted with the choice, it may fairly be said that heroism is generally preferable to mere indifference.

Many scientists would favour an attitude of strict neutrality, which certain French thinkers in particular consider to be a logical extension of the principle of impartiality in scientific investigation.Long Coast Seasports was established in November at Lower Cheung Sha Village on Lantau Island.

essay precis writing and comprehension books

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Essay Precis Writing Comprehension Essay precis writing comprehension Question Papers IFS 'B' Branch (Under Secretary) SLDC Exam Essay, Comprehension and Precis Writing. A precis is a summary. Precis writing is an exercise in compression.

A precis is the gist of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. A precis should give all essential points so that anyone reading it will be able to understand the idea expressed in the original passage.

Buy Essays Letters Paragraphs and Precis Writing - Essays Letters Paragraphs and Precise Writing by Anthony Telugu Book Online. All Art and Techniques of Essay Writing Essays on current, Scientific, Political, Economical and Educational Topics Essays. Subject: Essay, Precis Writing & Comprehension.

1. Write an essay, in about words, on any one of the four topics given below: (a) Soft-skills' training for our security forces.

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and then carefully fasten these sheets inside the answer book. Essay and precis writing books Css english précis writing is valuable rushdie salman imaginary homelands essays reviews and writing houses necrotizes gradually.

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