David mnaughten essay

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David mnaughten essay

From the British Quarterly David mnaughten essay. JOHN FOSTER, in his characteristic essay, On a Mans writing Memoirs of Himself, has ven- tured on the assertion that no man would judge more than one in ten thousand of all his thoughts, sayings, and actions, worthy to be mentioned, if memory were capable of recalling them.

He makes an exception, indeed, in favor of the few individuals whose daily deliberations, discourses, and proceedings affect the interests of mankind on a grand scale.

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But the exception might have been extended to almost the whole tribe of autobiogra- phers amongst our neighbors across the channel, whether wont to sway the destinies of a-nation, or to manage the affairs of a poultry-yard. Your genuine French memoir-writer, with his intense individualism and his effervescing self-complacency, is apt to make a very different estimate of the im- portance of his sayings and doings from that which would be formed by the earnest, and somewhat austere, Christian moralist whose words we have quoted.

The latter supposes a man to retrace himself through his past life in order to acquire a deep self-knowledge, David mnaughten essay to record the investiga- tion for his own instruction, whilst the former usually aims less at self-knowledge than at self- glorification, and if he be led to lay bare his follies and his vices, it is with a view rather to amuse the reader than to instruct himself.

We make this general observation on the class of books to which the work before us belongs, because, although far from being an unfavorable specimen of that class, its web is certainly of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.

It abounds in graceful and sparkling narrative, in striking incidents, in felicitous word-pictures, in sharp and incisive portraitures of remarkable characters; but, on the other hand, in rigid and judicial self-exam- ination,in earnest appreciation of the responsibili- ties of this life, and of the realities of the life beyond the grave, it is wofully deficient.

Nor can it be objected that we are charging upon the book the want of qualities which it could not well be expected to possess. Sicut nubesquasi navesvelut umbra, and which is given to the world as a David mnaughten essay from the tomb of one who, half a century ago, cele- brated The Genius of Christianity, it is surely CCCXLV.

This large deduction from the value these me- moirs might otherwise have possessed being once settled, it remains to be admitted that.

Recent French biography, amongst many other peculiarities, has also thisthat it abounds in subjects moving in conspicuous spheres, and leading lives of constant excitement, which lives have, nevertheless, been protractedeven amidst the storms of successive revolutionsto an unusual length.

There is, in this respect, as in others, a striking contrast between the biographies of our own recent statesmen and those of France. The grave has but recently closed over many men who took no mean part in the contests of the first French revolution, and we still occasionally meet in the newspaper obituaries with the names of those who were members of the National Conven- tion.

In these contests, Chateaubriand, indeed, took no direct part, but his life was none the less adven- turous, or less filled with striking events and sali- ent contrasts.

Born and bted in a province of France in which the noble was still honored and the priest still revered, his career forms a curious link between the old system and the new. He witnessed a mode of life almost feudal in its rela- tions and its dependencies, although shorn of its ancient glories, in the castles of Brittany, and had a glimpse of the traditional magnificence of the court of Lewis XIV.

During the last struggles of the old monarchy he was exploring the lakes and the for ests of the New World, and it was in the hut of an American backwoodsman near the Blue Moun- tains that he first heard, through an English news- paper, of the flight of Lewis XVI. He conversed with Washington at Mount Vernon about the war of independence, the taking of the Bastille, and the discovery of a north-west passage, as he was afterwards to converse with Napolen about Egypt, about the traditions of the Arabs, and about the notions of the ideologists concerning Christianity.

David mnaughten essay

And, after having refused an embassy offered him by Napoleon, that he might testify his abhorrence of the execution of the Duke of Enghien, he lived to resign an embassy conferred on him by Charles X. To the doomed race which he had thus wisely but vainly counselled in the intoxication of its apparent prosperity, he still adhered even in its well-deserved adversity.

He was amongst the most faithful, although unfortunately not amongst the most trusted, of the advisers of the Duchess of Bern. He stood aloof from the court of Louis Philippe without insulting it; and, having repeat- edly stigmatized the errors and the crimes of that monarchs policy, he lived to witness the ignomin- ious downfall he had often predicted to incredulous ears.

Such a career, even if narrated with very ordinary powers, cannot but prove both attractive and instructive.

In the M6moires doutre Tombe it is, for the most part, depicted with great clear- ness and vigor.

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Of this narrative we proceed to offer a rapid summary. Malonot in the same year with Napoleon, as has been frequently stated in the Biographical Dictionaries and elsewhere, but on the 4th of September, He was the youngest of ten children, of whom four died in infancy, and but three survived the storms of the first revolution.

A considerable portion of his childhood was passed in the sombre castle of Combourg, the ancient seat of one branch of the Chateaubriands, and which, after a long alienation from the family, had been repurchased by his father, whose chief pride and most frequent occu- pation appear to have consisted in ruminating on the departed glories of his race.

During the winter season, whole months glided away without a human creature knocking at the gate of our fortress. If gloom brooded over the heaths of Combourg, a still deeper gloom reigned within the castle.

On entering its vaulted roofs, a visitor experienced the same sensation as on entering the Carthusian mon- astery of Grenoble. When I visited the latter inI crossed a desert region which grew every moment more desolate.

I thought it would termi- nate at the monastery, but within the walls I found the gardens of the monks looking even more de- serted than the region around.

David mnaughten essay

At last, in the cen- tre of the building, enveloped as it were in the folds of all this solitude, I came upon the ancient cemetery of the Cenobitesa sanctuary from which eternal silence, the divinity of the place, extended its sway over the neighboring mountains and forests.

Almost like this wis the gloomy quietude of Combourg Castle, which was still further increased by my fathers taciturn and unsocial disposition. Instead of collecting his family and his retainers closely around him, he had dispersed them through the building to all the points of the compass.

His own sleeping chamber was in the little turret on the east, and his cabinet in the little turret on the west.David Dungay Jr dies in custody, and his family are changed forever – photo essay Leetona Dungay, the mother of David Dungay Jr. Photograph: Carly Earl for the Guardian.

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