An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore

A report country overview on the internet censorship prepared by University of Pretoria in South Africa has fallen into our hands, and we would like to share with you some of the interesting findings on internet censorship per country. Below is a brief country overview on internet censorship, for a small selection of countries in alphabetic order as per the South African experts: There are very strict regulations and measures against pornography in that country — to such an extent that censorship in Australia has been compared with politically focused censorship in China. Many types of content other than pornography are affected by censorship such as gaming websites.

An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore

It is suggested that censorship has no legitimate role in any country, particularly in a democracy where diversity of political opinions and Censoring through public affairs officers.

The Freedom of Information Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists conducted a survey of congressional and federal executive branch reporters, which found out that 70 percent of the respondents had Remarks on Market Censorship. It mentions that the paradigms of censorship in Rome and in the U.

Book Censorship is an Attack on the Freedom of the Press.

An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore

Issitt, Micah; Cushman, C. The First Amendment grants citizens the right to access, publish or broadcast any content as long as it does not infringe the rights or The Rhetoric of Anonymous: Identity, Strategy and Morality.

It explores the Oath of Citizenship and the political structure of the country.

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It discusses the right to freedom of information and the adherence to the due process of law. It tackles the legal process and the individual Who Speaks for Indigenous Peoples?

Freedoms of expression and information, in the context of indigenous tribes in the United States, belong to anyone who practices Topics discussed include the media's coverage of the Banned Book Week, the opposition of liberals to the Supreme Court's decision in the He discusses the action taken by U.

He believes that it is impossible for The march of people toward security and peace is the march of freedom.

Internet Censorship: An Overview

It is the dignity of a person to live in a society of free men, where the spirit of understanding and belief exist.Singapore is a wealthy city state in south-east Asia. Once a British colonial trading post, today it is a thriving global financial hub and described .

The Singapore Story is the regime-legitimising official account of Singapore’s history, a hegemonic discourse inculcated in the Singaporean polity through the systematic and concerted efforts of the many avenues of social control and official communications available to the ruling elite (Barr & Skrbiš, Barr, M.

& Skrbiš, Z. (). Technology and censorship are often seen as opposing forces in the information age. This tension is exemplified by the case of Singapore, which wants to harness new technologies for development. Censorship is the suppression of information, opinion, or expression by a government or other authority in order to control their circulation.

Though usually associated with totalitarian societies, even democratic countries sometimes employ censorship.

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It most often occurs when an authority. Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, Overview Edit.

total censorship of information is very difficult or impossible to achieve due to the underlying distributed technology of the Internet. Pseudonymity and data havens. Singapore, however, is democratically governed, so it is somewhat surprising to find that any sort of censorship is governmentally imposed.

Even more surprising is that the restrictions, light though they may be, are not only tolerated, but apparently readily accepted, if not condoned, by Singapore's citizenry.

An overview of the technology and censorship control in singapore
Brief country overview on the internet censorship by Uni of Pretoria