An analysis of gordon highlanders

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An analysis of gordon highlanders

It is arguably Polly and Ben who are the focal characters of the story, as the Doctor plays little part in the main action.

An analysis of gordon highlanders

Polly strikes out on her own, joins forces with Kirsty and manages to embarrass Lieutenant ffinch into helping them to achieve their objectives. While all this is going on, the Doctor is simply messing about, confusing everyone he meets with an array of accents and disguises.

This new image of the Doctor as a clown has its fullest expression here.

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Almost every scene featuring the Doctor has him either speaking in a false accent or pretending to be someone else. This is taken to ridiculous extremes when Ben, having escaped from the Annabelle, hauls himself up onto the quayside only to be confronted by a patrolling Redcoat.

This new characterisation does have its merits, however. Here is a Doctor who can bemuse and confuse with words; who can use sleight of hand to procure items that he may need; and who, if all else fails, can turn on the charm and have people eating out of his hand.

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The story also boasts a fine collection of guest characters. As in the case of the some of the earlier historicals, the accuracy of the events depicted in The Highlanders has been called into question. Thus it was that Innes Lloyd was able to phase out the historical stories altogether.

The serial certainly does seem curiously out of place in the new, more dynamic style of series initiated by Lloyd and Davis. Aside from its status as the last of the true historicals at least until Black Orchid in the nineteenth seasonThe Highlanders will always be remembered for one other thing:New York Yankees.

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They began modestly enough as the New York Highlanders in , owned by a couple of New York bartenders who laid out $18, to buy the Baltimore franchise and bring it north.

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