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Abdessalami Grammar for learners with poor narrative skills Forward Narration is a skill which needs a relatively high scale in language manipulation and communication abilities. Like everyone else, the teenagers are also fervently keen on recounting their past experiences, telling tales, and making up stories especially in a foreign language to share with people from other cultures. Yet, they are frustrated as the use and usage of language is an eminent obstacle hard to overcome overnight. Consequently they give in and never try again.

Abdessalami writing a check

Rivers Not anything planned can go taught and not anything taught can go learnt; other factors are at play; which do affect the learning outcome. Therefore a lesson plan though it is not an end in itself, it is compulsory in order to bridge the gap between the potential language features intended to be taught and the feedback.

A good built lesson plan is the most effective way to reach the objective the teacher is after. This remark is so obvious that it hardly seems worth mentioning.

Needless to say that there is a variety of lessons dealing with different skills and abilities notably: Listening, Reading, Oral and Writing. Regardless of this diversity, when we are aware of the fact that language is taught essentially to convey and decode messages in the target language as well as negotiating meaning, we know that in a Communicative approach based lesson all these skills are integrated, i.

One skill leads to another. In brief, the objective behind any lesson plan is to make the learners able to understand and communicate ideas in the target language: What do we mean by a lesson? It is a pedagogical task, a learning and teaching process.

It is also a set of activities which has a beginning and an end. It is supposed to make learners learn the rules of the linguistic system to be able to learn how to perform in English.

In a word, the lesson is generally meant to help learners satisfy anyone of a multitude of goals. Yet this definition is not exhaustive. It is merely indicative.

Unfortunately things are not as easy as that. The teacher has to take into account the fact that a lesson starts before it practically begins. So she has to deal with it in terms of interactive practice that a lot of factors play a great role in the making of it.

What do I want my students to lean from this lesson? What activities will be included in the lesson? Is this taking too much time?

How much time will I need for each activity? What grouping arrangement will I use? How will I begin and conclude the lesson? What are any alternative plans if problems arise with some aspects of the lesson.

~ Writing Topics ~

This list is not final Do the students understand this? Is this too difficult for the students? Am I teaching too much rather than telling the students do the activity themselves?

abdessalami writing a check

Are my instructions clear and understood? This list, too, is not final What did the students get out of the lesson? What were the main strengths and weaknesses of the lesson? Were all the students involved in the lesson? Do I need to re-teach any aspect of the lesson?

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