A review of the classic film philadelphia

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A review of the classic film philadelphia

I purchased this as a gift for my brother. First of all it did not arrive on time. Second of all on the second day he tried on the Item the inseam tore about 2 inches.

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The seller stated they are out of stock on this item therefore an exchange is not possible at this time. Funny because after I emailed him I went to the link and was surprised to see that it said they do have items in stock.

Whether that was updated information or not is not clear to me at this time. Upon realizing that I did not want to wait an indefinite period of time to receive a new one I opted for a refund.

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It was literally worn a total of two times! The email did not provide any further information. That was all he said and stated that he will be shipping the item back to me as is. As I write this review the item is in route back to me.

I think it's pathetic that seller would not refund the money due to its obvious defectiveness. I didn't make a bigger deal out of it because of the price and will be purchasing a new cap for my brother from a different vendor.

However the customer service I received was not as I expected. Just be forewarned that you may receive a defective one out of the bunch and if you happen to try it on it's no longer refundable Per Doug of Shoebay. Will not purchase any items from this seller again!

Thanks Doug for educating me on how your company does business!View The Philadelphia Story trailers, showtimes, movie info, photos, critic and user reviews.

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There will be skeptics, but the cult is already forming. Count me in.

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BC reviews the SyFy channel remake of the science fiction flick. a remake of the actual sci-fi film The Philadelphia Experiment. Loosely based on a true experiment (or at least a. Jun 18,  · Reviewing my shameless pile of movies, books and stuff. Finnish guy writing shortish reviews of movies, books, gadgets and other things that interest me.

View my complete profile. Follow on Twitter! Follow @shamelesspile. Movie review: The Philadelphia Experiment; Double Movie Review: Ringu / The Ring; Movie Review: Big Trouble Author: Shameless Pile of Stuff.

John Carpenter's version of "The Thing," itself a remake of a Howard Hawks film, had the misfortune of being released on the same day as "Blade Runner," and during a week in which "ET.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre" (Episode ) By Ross Bonaime October 26, From Friends to Insatiable, Hollywood (Still) Has a Fat Suit.

A review of the classic film philadelphia
Shameless Pile of Stuff: Movie review: The Philadelphia Experiment